Agendus for iOS

Calendar, Contacts and Tasks — gracefully integrated into one app.

All-in-one personal information manager for organizing and tracking the essentials that drive your daily life. Contacts and their birthdays are automatically populated, as it seamlessly accesses the native contacts database and enhances and extends the built-in Contacts App. Along with this is a full-featured Task Management solution, allowing users to get things done quickly and efficiently when on the go on their iPhone.

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Agendus for Windows

An Outlook add-on that enhances how you view your calendar, contacts, tasks and memos.

Becoming more efficient and productive is something we want to do no matter where we are (at the desk or on the go). There are basic things that can be done (i.e. early planning). And then there are things you can do to boost the capabilities of software programs you’re already using on an every day basis. That’s where Agendus for Windows fits in. Not only is it the ultimate scheduling application, but it is also fun to use (and that’s half the battle when you are trying to make better use of your time).

It also provides intuitive tools, such as text capturing, a free time finder, voice recording, advanced search capabilities and Internet features (weather, driving directions, address lookup). All of these things help make scheduling extremely easy and hassle free.

Agendus for Windows

Agendus for Mac

Sync your iOS Agendus calendars and tasks with iCal on your Mac

iCal is a great desktop calendar, but the calendar app on iOS is limiting, Reminders is a separate app, as is Contacts, Weather, Birthday organizers, Holidays, etc... Agendus for iPhone and iPad offer all these apps in one convenient and powerful tool with a calendar that offers 5 views, detailed editing, integrated tasks, contact linking, birthday lists, holiday add-ons, custom icons, and the list goes on...

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About iambic

Iambic develops innovative productivity-enhancing software applications for smartphones, tablets and Windows and Mac computers that can be easily tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, are intuitive to use, and introduce fun ways to get more done.

The company has created an extensive portfolio of products for popular platforms that is headlined by Agendus.

Founded in 1994, iambic is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Iambic is a subsidiary of smartphone security and productivity app leader SplashData. SplashData is the provider of the personal password manager SplashID and the business password manager TeamsID.

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