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Price :  $19.95    
Version : 2.03  
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» Industry Awards

» Reviews & Features
» JAMM Review - October 2008

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"Function, Options, and Ease of Use are key to any good piece of software. That was one of things I really liked about Agendus, it has all three."
"Another cool feature is the linking of the contacts and the calendar. When you set-up an appointment, you have the option to add someone from your contacts. Now, say you are looking at your calendar, and see that you are having lunch with someone, but you are running late or need to cancel. Instead of exiting the calendar and switching to your contact list, you can simply highlight their name on the calendar, and click the track ball. Now you have the option to e-mail or call them."
» Crackberry Review - October 2008

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"Agendus truly offers a full in-suite management solution. Unlike other products that require you to constantly switch back and forth between applications, Agendus clings on so you won't leave. The application offers true management over your contacts, tasks and more."
"Ease of use, powerful integration, multiple viewing options, all these add up to an application that has burrowed deep into my heart (quick call a medic!). Agendus has taken PIM to the next level. Colour-coding contacts and tasks, communicating with contacts from within the application, instant integration of existing information on your BlackBerry, Agendus offers it all."
» Kona's Dad Review - October 2008

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"It has all the wonderful Agendus-y things I remember from my days on the Palm.

First, and most importantly to me, this lays overtop of your existing applications. That means that it uses your Blackberry's built-in Calendar, Tasks, etc., and will sync seamlessly to your Exchange server, if that is your environment. It also means that it is very lightweight by comparison to some of the other programs that seem to insist on replacing those built in applications with new ones."
» PinStack Review - September 2008

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"Verdict: A legend in PDA organisation makes the jump to BlackBerry and the future looks promising.
Agendus is very different from the standard BlackBerry PIM apps, but once you take the time to get used to it you may well prefer it. Having everything in one place is a huge time saver and I have not experienced one crash or loss of data in many weeks of testing it."

What can I say? The legend has reached BlackBerry and has made an impressive entrance. It is easily worth the asking and price and definitely worth a download to see what you think."
» Blackberry Insigh Review - January 2009

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"There are a number of reasons why one should opt for Agendus. One is the integration of Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. By bringing together the most commonly used applications on your BlackBerry, Agendus allows you to do more things in fewer button presses, at times even half. Because this information is readily available, you are saved the effort always switching applications in order to get information from your Contacts, Tasks and Calendar."

» Parallels in History

Like Peanut Butter & Jelly, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Agendus and the BlackBerry are two great tastes that taste great together! In fact, we believe Research in Motion’s BlackBerry and iambic’s Agendus have a lot in common, read below to find out why!

- To start, both products are established industry veterans: The first BlackBerry was introduced in 1999. Agendus (in the form of Action Names) arrived in the market in 1994.

- RIM focused on making a device that was easy and intuitive to use. iambic built a strong reputation for designing robust, pragmatic solutions that work the way people do.

- RIM simplified things by using an “always on, always connected” approach with the BlackBerry, so the device user was did not need to take additional steps. iambic was one of the first companies to leverage over-the-air (OTA) capabilities for features in Agendus like Quote of the Day, Day in History, and Weather Forecast (you can even get weather 9 days in advance!).

- RIM made the BlackBerry relatively easy to deploy and manage within an organization. iambic designed Agendus to use the device’s built-in data structure so there would be no duplication of effort. Changes made in the built-in calendar would be reflected in Agendus and vice versa. And updates can be accomplished easily OTA.

- RIM has continued to develop and refine their business smartphones over the years. iambic has been recognized for its commitment to continuously innovating and improving the customer experience, including recently being named Handango’s Developer of the Year for Palm OS.

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