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Price :  starts at $29.95    
Version : 13.06  
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Download a Free Trial Buy Agendus Starting as Low as $29.95 Take the Features Tour

The New Agendus 13: Accelerating Activity-Related Information Flow So You Get More Done today, tomorrow and beyond!

Your everyday life is anything but ordinary. It’s dynamic. It has its share of chaotic moments. And no matter how much you try to plan ahead, demands on your time never seem to let up. Keeping all those plates spinning and communication flowing, especially while on the go, can be quite the challenge. Though seemingly daunting, all this (and more!) is what Agendus, our award-winning personal information manager (PIM) was born to address.

And now, with the release of Version 13, Agendus has become even more finely tuned to accelerate activity-related information flow in a way that makes sense intuitively, can be tailored to meet your particular needs and is fun to use.

» Seamless Integration – Agendus Automatically Connects the Dots.

What made the Agendus such a favorite since Day 1 is how it works seamlessly with the native Palm OS database. There are no plug-ins required and you can be up and running quickly with no duplication of effort.

Furthermore, the Agendus PIM functions (Contacts, Meetings, Tasks, Memos, etc.) are tightly integrated and feed into each other. This is what really makes Agendus a powerful personal productivity assistant.

By building the interrelatedness of the various functions into the program, Agendus is able to provide you with useful features like detailed contact histories, personal project management, journaling, and the ability to attach Contacts and files (PDFs, images and documents) to Calls, Tasks, Meetings and more.

» Your pick.

Agendus is available in 3 different editions, to better match your specific needs: Premier, Professional and Standard. To learn more about what makes each edition unique, visit the Features Comparison page ».

Ready to buy? Add the Standard », Professional », or Premier » edition to your shopping cart and start taking control of your schedule today!


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» An Intuitive Design that’s Easy to Use and Adaptable.

Agendus has an intuitive interface and a multitude of customization options, so you can easily set it up to look (and work) the way you want. There are numerous views to choose from. You can add colors, icons and photos. You can also crop photos and edit icons from within Agendus.

New for you! Over a dozen major new features in Version 13, including timesavers like "Smart Agenda" for creating Tasks, Meetings and Memos on-the-fly, and fully editable Meeting and Task templates.

It now provides a better snapshot of what’s going on that includes Contacts, Meetings, Tasks so you get a more complete picture.

With Agendus Version 13, those who carry a Palm Centro or Treo can get more done before, during and after the activities that drive their day.
» Better With Age – Agendus Leverages Years of Experience and User Input.

Since 1996, Agendus for Palm OS has been making a name for itself -- racking up awards and receiving glowing reviews.

The number of new users joining the established Agendus community continues to grow as Palm Centro owners and those with the Treo Pro adopt it. Furthermore, the recent release of Agendus for BlackBerry has been well received by "newbies-turned- Agendus converts," and returnees (previous fans of Agendus who switched devices).

Our active community of users has played a big role in shaping every one of our releases. For example, in Version 13, we’ve included the ability to add icons to Contacts. This user-requested feature makes it easy to recognize, at a glance, the person on the Contacts list associated with a particular activity.

Are you ready to accelerate your productivity? We invite you to test drive » Agendus for Palm OS, Version 13 today!

Buy Now Free Trial

Bundle up and save on the ultimate solution for personal information management!

It's never been easier to manage schedule and contact information between your PC and handheld or smartphone than with these Agendus Bundles.

Agendus provides all of the PIM tools you need - Contacts, Calendar, Memos, and To Dos - in one convenient package. By pairing our latest versions, you'll even enjoy our enhanced Internet services like synchronized 7 day weather forecasts and fun Quote-of-the-day whether you have a wireless smartphone or a standard PDA.

Get both Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition and Agendus for Windows and enjoy special savings!

Agendus for Palm OS Professional and Agendus for Windows Bundle
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Get both Agendus for Palm OS Standard Edition and Agendus for Windows and enjoy special savings!

Agendus for Palm OS Standard and Agendus for Windows Bundle
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