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Price :  $39.95    
Version : 5.42  
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Becoming more efficient and productive is something we want to do no matter where we are (at the desk or on the go). There are basic things that can be done (i.e. early planning). And then there are things you can do to boost the capabilities of software programs you’re already using on an every day basis. That’s where Agendus for Windows fits in. Not only is it the ultimate scheduling application, but it is also fun to use (and that’s half the battle when you are trying to make better use of your time).

Simply put: Agendus for Windows is an application that enhances how you view your calendar, contacts, tasks and memos. It also provides intuitive tools, such as text capturing, a free time finder, voice recording, advanced search capabilities and Internet features (weather, driving directions, address lookup). All of these things help in make scheduling extremely easy and hassle free.

Version 5 of Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop Edition has many new features that broaden its capabilities. For example, it is very Vista-like with an all new 3D glass look & feel. It has new Monthly Views, Contact Views/Capabilities and even a new Journaling functionality.

This version surpasses the features found in Palm Desktop itself AND is fun to use too. Talk about a win-win! Please read on to learn more.
» Agendus: Safe, Easy, and in Sync

For many, the trusty desktop or notebook PC is like mission control –-the central location where key information needed to conduct business throughout the day is accessed. When you power up, everything you need from schedule to contact information, appointments, tasks and notes is awaiting your input.

Agendus for Windows is designed to add another layer of accessibility and usability to your information. The beauty of this program goes beyond the things it can help you do, it is also completely setup friendly. All you have to do is download and install, and it will automatically marry itself with your existing Palm Desktop information.  When Agendus for Windows is launched, everything is completely integrated and ready for use..

Your information wherever you go! Do you already have Agendus installed on your Treo or other mobile companion? Keeping your desktop and mobile companion in sync is easily accomplished. Agendus for Windows uses your current synchronization configuration to keep the two in line and up to date.
» Powerful New Features. Refreshing New Look.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new features that have been integrated into Version 5 for helping improve the way you organize and view your personal information.

Contacts: We know your social networks are important to you, so we’ve created an entirely new view dedicated to Contact Networking. Drag and drop contact profiles to create new links and even collapse network trees so you make room for the ones you want to view. This lets you determine who’s who with just a glance of the screen..

Calendar: Version 5 now has a new Month Icon Mode that takes icons to the next level. Ever since we introduced icons as an Agendus extra, people have been raving about how useful they are (So much can be said with a picture/simple illustration). Now users have the capability to view a month’s worth of meetings, all in icons!

Tasks & Memos: Creating checklists are easy with the new Agenda Walkthrough feature. You can make holiday shopping lists, grocery lists, wish lists, and more!

Daily Journal: Journaling functionality is a popular feature in Agendus for Palm OS. Now that capability has been added to Agendus for Windows, making it really easy to quickly add Tasks, Calls, Meetings and more to the Daily Journal.

Tools: Version 5 introduces compatibility with Palm Desktop 6.2 with Vista! 

There's much more to discover!  A summary of new features and improvements can also be viewed in the What's New area.


» Agendus works for YOU.

When it comes down to it, Agendus for Windows offers an intuitive interface that anyone, from a novice to an expert, can comfortably navigate. With a convenient toolbar that enables one-click access to a variety of useful functions, this add-on serves as the ultimate organization powerhouse.

Tailor it to meet your needs. There are many ways to access and view your schedule: You can arrange your calendar to appear in Day, Week, Month, or Year views. You can also select from a number of sub-views, which let you see as little or as much detail as you need. With Agendus for Windows, you have the freedom to experiment with a variety of views, to find one that best complements your schedule. Agendus is fully customizable through the use of icons, colors, photos and wallpaper with added preferences to each View for you to pick and choose from.

Time-saving features: To help speed things along, Agendus for Windows has a Capture Text and a Autofill Searching feature, so you no longer have to type as much. Finding an available time slot in your busy schedule is a snap using the Free Time Finder feature. You can even get "Over-The-Air" updates effortlessly for such useful information as "Today in History," Quote of the Day, Weather, Driving Directions and Address Lookup. Agendus works for you around the clock, at all hours of the day.


Explore all the features of version 5 now and see for yourself how Agendus for Windows can improve the way you organize and view your personal information.

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Bundle up and save on the ultimate solution for personal information management!

It's never been easier to manage schedule and contact information between your PC and handheld or smartphone than with these Agendus Bundles.

 Agendus provides all of the PIM tools you need - Contacts, Calendar, Memos, and To Dos - in one convenient package. By pairing our latest versions, you'll even enjoy our enhanced Internet services like synchronized 7-day weather forecasts and fun Quote-of-the-day whether you have a wireless smartphone or a standard PDA.

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