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Price :  $19.95    
Version : 5.02  
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The most powerful, intuitive and easy to use spreadsheet application for Palm OS handhelds and smartphones!

TinySheet is iambic's full-featured, Excel-like, stand-alone spreadsheet softwre program that is optimized for Palm OS handhelds and smartphones. The software is directly compatible with Microsoft Excel and offers direct synchronization with Excel worksheets on a Windows PC.  It features 113 spreadsheet functions and comes with the illustrative charting capabilities of TinyChart.

» Expand the capabilities of your PDA
TinySheet gives you a thorough set of tools for working with spreadsheet data on a PDA. And now, TinySheet supports the most capabilities of any Palm spreadsheet application: 113 mathematical, statistical, financial, text and logic functions.

» Designed for power and convenience
TinySheet is designed with the needs of a Palm user in mind. You can synchronize workbooks directly to the memory card or move workbooks from main memory to the memory card.  This allows you to carry more of your documents with you at a time. In addition, full color support lets you incorporate powerful graphic elements into even the smallest worksheets.

» Directly compatible with Excel
The TinySheet Conduit lets you automatically synchronize spreadsheets between your Palm device and Excel on your Windows PC. There's no need to import and export files of various formats or be forced to go through some troublesome intermediate format.


TinySheet now supports high resolution and extended portrait / landscape modes on Palm handhelds and smartphones such as the Treo, Tungsten, TX, and Lifedrive.


Read and write CSV formatted spreadsheets to and  from your memory card

Spreadsheet functions
  • 113 spreadsheet functions including mathematical, statistical, trigonometric, financial, logical, and date & time related functions
  • Fast performance, even on very large or complex workbooks
  • Many commonly used features available on the toolbar for ease of use

Powerful controls
  • Easy-to-use interface with convenient toolbar
  • Multitude of formatting options including border, alignment, font, number format, date format, time format
  • "Find" and "Find Next" features for navigating large worksheets
  • Jog dial/D-Pad and high resolution support

Colorful charts
  • Charting capability - Supports six different types with 29 total charting variations
  • Comprehensive color support on color Palm-powered handhelds (color features are not available when installed on a non-color Palm-powered device)

Excel® compatibility
  • Direct synchronization with Microsoft Excel 97 and higher on Windows PC
  • API (application programming interface) for integration with other Palm applications
  • Handy "TinySheet" menu added to Excel upon installation, allowing to easily save and send spreadsheets to TinySheet

Start enjoying the benefits!

Not convinced yet? 
Test drive TinySheet today!

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